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Art Si Magazine May June 2011

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Art Si Magazine May June 2011 Issue

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May as this issue reaches your hands, and summer approaches only to pass by shortly. This issue of Art Si Magazine is dedicated to the art of nature and the innate nature of mankind to represent art in a form that clearly is a return to nature. Capturing the attention of fine art lovers and gradually winning the hearts of thousands of readers around the world. The May-June 2011 issue of Art Si features yet another collection of scintillating fine art work by both emerging and renowned artists. The editorial board of Art Si has, once again, done a splendid job to print a glossy, colorful, and sensuous magazine that entices, and seduces the casual viewer. Do not miss this stimulating May-June issue of Art Si portraying masterpieces by eminent painters, photographers and sculptors.

Conformity is the dictate of rules and breaking it sometimes bring about extraordinary results. Get introduced to Jim Fredlund of Casablanca Lightwerks who actually spent years pursuing nonhuman sceneries. Predominantly self-taught, this veteran feels privileged to have taken some mentoring from pioneers in the field. One who has evolved with his own interpretations by giving meticulous attention to illumination, lighting is Jim’s main catalyst. Journey into the black and white and take a glance at this artist mastery of the camera by sensuously highlighting the curves in this presentation.

Watch the works of differing expressions in art, Mark Yale Harris wants the images in his mind transformed into a solid form. This artist spent a childhood immersed in art. Mark has a gift of carving human drama into the figures he created. He feels that art has seduced him like a lover who sprayed an irresistible potion that got him enchanted. This is the reason why the forms may be silent, yet they speak of emotions. It is amazing how these inanimate objects were transformed to structures with feelings. Each sculpture has irregularities that make an onlooker ponder about the purpose and the meaning of the sophisticated artwork, sculpted from glittering bronze and marble, symbolizing the need for love and peace of human beings.

What would be the most attractive part of a female’ body? The simple and seductive navel on the model in focal attention, Miranda Winn, by using feathers and pebbles around these mysterious locations, and creating manifestations of art and nature. Miranda is guided by the spirit of a stallion, free and bare. No wonder she loves to explore the outdoors galloping and projects a long term affair with horses. Having the air of unrestrained freedom, Miranda somewhat offers a most endearing ride through art form poses.

Delving deeper into the pages of Art Si. Meet Larry Hoth now at 70 years of age, he has spent a lifetime looking for different ways to present beauty. The fire of freezing moments never let him go. Larry is self-taught. His classrooms had been museums where he observed and analyzed how different techniques were employed on nudity and how nudity became the vital factor in paintings.

Taking inspiration from Picasso and Braque, Yuroz states his ideas, thoughts, and his dreams through cubism. When it comes to the human body, the artist finds it impossible to create impressions of passion, emotion, beauty, and movement; Yuroz thus employs analytical geometry to project them.

Nature has created beautiful flowers and females; Robert WK Clark creatively merges beautiful flowers with sensuous curves of a female body in this special Flower Series issue using vivid imagination to adorn the female’s body. The May-June 2011 issue is one that appeals to both aesthetics and sensuality by exploring floral femininity. Flowers have the magical effect of elevating moods and spreading the beautiful state of being happy. Let the flowers bloom and have their colors radiate pleasant and enticing feelings. The flower series does just that where the flowers exude their beauty anywhere they are placed on the feminine form. Indeed the body is a wonderland and it can be turned into a beautiful flower garden, courtesy of Clark. A garden of beautiful flowers planted on the most wonderful and tender locations — bare and flowering — is an alluring way to see women and nature.

On another account, Aunia Kahn tells of the healing facet of art through synthesis of photography, painting, and collage. Childhood for Aunia was tough. One with inner struggles, she found herself different and that difference found art as an expression. Art provided Aunia with a guiding light and a purpose for living.

This May-June 2011 edition of Art Si is an experience of the senses. Relax, and enjoy these visual treats.

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 May 2011 12:06

Art Si Magazine March April 2011

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Art Si Magazine March April 2011 Issue

This beautiful March-April 2011 edition of Art Si fine art Magazine portrays a magnificent blend of colors, imagination, natural surroundings, and feminine form to glorify the exquisite clothing and jewelry adorned by curvy models. This issue of Art Si is based on a special theme called water series. It catches the attention of the reader, tempting them to have a look inside. On the cover showing a female foot dripping into a wine glass. The arc-shaped foot contrasts with the curves in the stem of the glass, and the fish tattoo on the foot gives a vibrant appeal as if the fish is ready to dive in.

As the reader turns the pages of Art Si, there are captivating works of Marie-Louise Cadosch all the way from Switzerland who has further exposed the innocence and beauty of women through colorful depiction. These creative endeavors are effective in marketing of clothes and jewelry by leading fashion designers and garment exporters. Another talented photographer, Dan Richards, uses honey, paint, and flour to glorify different parts of a woman’s body. Furthermore, these material adornments also add beauty to specific locations on the body and completely engross the attention of the inquisitive audience. Robert WK Clark has judiciously selected Hannah Burlbaw as the model whose sexy looks allure the audience. The March-April issue is an ideal source to relax, and rejuvenate the senses by invoking a fresh wave of creative energy that radiates from the enchanting works of the artists. Similarly, the exotic sculptures of wire mesh by Randy Cooper enthrall the audience. Robert WK Clark’s featured work in this issue pertains to the water series. In this series, he shows the creation of aesthetic value in connection with the human body and how it is enhanced through the use of a natural element such as water with the body.

It is true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and after seeing the Art Si March-April 2011 issue, it is clear that beauty needs to be exposed through vision and creative artwork.
Last Updated on Sunday, 01 May 2011 12:23

Art Si Magazine November December 2010

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ArtSiMagazine_Oct_2010_Page_01Art Si Magazine November December 2010 Issue

This issue of the ArtSi Magazine features the utilization of creating lighting techniques that enhance the elements of art represented inside the publication. this featured story tell how it is used to enhance the art forms. This includes the presentation of nude figurative subjects, which redefines their physical beauty. Making of light work for different focal imagery compositions, this issue explains how this element of art is assumed to create a more definitive indication of modern beauty and aesthetics in presentable figurative art.

To present more variety, this issue also features Gaetano Belverde from Italy sharing his fashion and artistic works. Peter Gonzales from the United States shares some creative imagery, who imagery boosts the use of creative lighting. Model Tyanya Labrake specifically featured as a more modern approach in utilizing the philosophy behind light artistry, imposing a much better presentation of beauty and creatively clearly displayed in an extraordinary image sitting in a chair.

Robert WK Clark’s featured work in this issue pertains to the sand series. In this series, he shows the creation of aesthetic value in connection with the human body and how it is enhanced through the use of a natural element such as sand. Through this he illuminates beauty behind buried forms and impose the contrast between the softness of the skin and roughness of the surface as depicted by the sand. This illusionary representation of imagery through the use of creative natural lighting.

This issue of the ArtSi does more than just present the specific developments that pertain to nude art; it also shall entice the reader into a whole new realm of recognizing and appreciating the gift of human figurative art.

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 May 2011 12:24

Art Si Magazine January February 2011

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ArtSiMagazine_Jan_2011_Page_01Art Si Magazine January February 2011 Issue

Art Si has been gaining popularity among the readers and the advertisers due to its creative depiction of feminine beauty highlighted through various media, such as photography, sculptures, and paintings. The January-February 2011 issue of Art Si has a fabulous cover with the photograph of model, Katalya, taking the support of colorful curtains. The orange, yellow, white, and green colors of the fabric match the skin of the model who is lit by contrasting lights from different directions. The exotic curves on the model align with the twists in the hanging curtains, and it shows the supple nature of the human body.

The reader can enjoy the liberty of admiring the creative works of art through penetrating eyes going deeper and deeper into the inside pages of Art Si. Jeff and Sandra Bidewell glorify the curvy, and the many ascents on the awesome female form through their enchanting photography. As artwork captivates the reader attention, a model shows criss-crossed raised legs that hide the most vulnerable part. Edward Fleming’s sculptures also catch the attention of the audience by creating suspense, enquiry, and interrogation. The arrogance and power of a man are portrayed through haughty looks and crossed arms. The most beautiful works are exposed by going deeper into the Art Si. The noted photographer and editor of Art Si, Robert WK Clark has harnessed all his experience in figurative work to creatively present the feminine form, and to market the jewelry series. The artist combines objects and light to exotically merge the parts of a woman’s body for sending the message vividly.

To conclude, the feminine form has been symbolized with passion and energy throughout the issue, a victory.

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 May 2011 12:23

Art Si Magazine October 2010

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Art Sí Magazine - October 2010

Art Si Magazine October 2010 Issue

The October 2010 issue of the ArtSi Magazine specifically features how plus size models are sexy. The assumption of such artistic creation out of the higher weight of these individuals actually manifest the real natural form and beauty and not based on the wrong perspective. There is a thin line between figure-perfect women, which is usually being skinny and being voluptuous. In this particular featured presentation, the magazine issue gives complement to the forms and imagery that the plus sized women does, that no other smaller sized women could. Being sexy is being able to create art out of natural means and curves.

Another feature in this issue is the presentation of a fashion perspective where the women models pose along the streets featuring the contrast of the sophistication of the models and the raggedness of the streets which better enhances the aesthetic value of their physical couture. Along with this presentation is Robert WK Clark’s collection on his Artistic Figurative Series which includes a featured of how human beauty is appreciated through making forms that are out of the ordinary, specifically involving models in creative positions.

To finalize the issue’s conclusive attraction, an article about the historical beginnings of nude art sculptures dating back to 460BC, this has been presented assuming a directive path as to how the form of art has been discovered and progressed to the present. With this being said, this issue is a celebration of art that brought about the appreciation for the bare human body. Brings in a whole new perspective on the artistic form of figurative art, featuring its beauty beyond being nude as it is. The naturalness of the element is shown within this feature as the real essence of what excellent nude art is all about.

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 May 2011 12:25
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